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Mindful Meditation Wards off Sickness!

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft “Eight weeks of mindful meditation (and cardio exercises!) reduced the effects of respiratory infections up to 50 percent.” by Laura Schwecherl It’s beginning to look … Continue reading

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Gift Certificates

Looking for an unusual Christmas gift for friends and family?  Look no further!  Achilles Healing Gift Certificates are available now! Prices start from £12, and can include treatments such as … Continue reading

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Holiday Stressology

Every year you say it’ll be different.  You promise you’ll be more organised, you’ll get the dinner bought and presents sorted out in good time.  You resolve not to fight … Continue reading

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Sleep Disorders and Depression

Sleep Disorders and Depression

Tiredness, caused by a lack of proper sleep, makes people feel listless and down during the day. Sleep apnea can wake people up every few minutes, sometimes without them even realising it, causing them severe exhaustion the next day. Over time, it’s understandable that this might lead to feelings of depression. Sleep is an important part of a healthy life, so do what you can to help e.g. by reducing caffeine intake, exercising, not becoming over-weight etc.  

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I have been practising yoga since I was 5 years old!  I’m not a qualified yoga teacher, but I have an Advance Learning Certificate in “Yoga for a Healthier Lifestyle”. … Continue reading

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  Anger stems from frustration, I think, at an inability to reach a solution.  However, it can also be addictive, because it feels like it gives us power to attack … Continue reading

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Frightened of spiders?  It’s a common enough fear, and understandable if you are faced with a spider which can cause you harm or pain.  What about innocuous things, though?  For … Continue reading

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Scared of Hypnosis?

Are you wary of hypnosis?  Many people are, which is a real shame because they are stopping themselves from receiving the very treatment that would help with their problem and … Continue reading

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The man in the above photograph was under hypnosis whilst his hernia operation took place.  See the video here. Later on this month, I will (for the second time) be … Continue reading

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Caffeine and Anxiety

Caffeine makes you more alert and energetic by increasing levels of norepinephrine, a chemical in the brain.  That’s why it’s become a habit of ours to have a cup when … Continue reading

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