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Anger stems from frustration, I think, at an inability to reach a solution.  However, it can also be addictive, because it feels like it gives us power to attack and control the things that are causing us frustration.  If we took a step back and just decided not to become attached to our ideas; to listen to what others had to say; to understand why the situation is occurring; and relaxed, realising that it really is not the end of the world…we would probably reach a better solution faster, without upsetting ourselves or others.  Without harming out bodies.

When we are angry, we feel our anger is justified.  Sometimes it is.  However, if anger is not managed correctly it can spiral out of control, causing much damage.  Surges of energy go through the entire body, chemicals are released.  Adrenalin, for example.  The energy has to go somewhere: a partner, a wall or ourselves.  If we suppress the emotions, the next time something happens, we may overreact, leading to shame, leading to more suppression of feelings.

Anger problems have been conceptualised as the “inability to process emotions or life’s experiences” either because the capacity to regulate emotions has never been sufficiently developed, or because it has been temporarily lost due to recent trauma.

It is a natural emotion, rating from mildly annoyed to moderately angry to completely enraged, being felt most severely when we feel under some kind of threat, where we lose all sense of self-monitoring and may fly into a rage.  Psychologists recognise three types of anger:

  • Hasty and sudden – connected to self-preservation, occurring when tormented or trapped.
  • Settled and deliberate – where we perceive deliberate harm or unfair treatment by others.
  • Dispositional – related to character traits

Anger can cause many problems that lead people to seek help from therapy: stress-related disorders, mild depression, self-harm, an inability to communicate effectively with others, inability to be assertive and an inability to problem-solve.  Both stress and anger have been linked to high blood pressure, psoriasis, pain and arthritis, amongst other things.

There are three ways in which anger can rear its head.  Firstly, it can lead to aggression, although not necessarily.  Secondly, sometimes anger is passive, which is a subject I shall try to address at a later date.  Thirdly, it can be suppressed.  Although suppression of anger does have harmful effects, psychologists now criticise cathartic forms of therapy.  That is, the releasing of pent up emotions.

Very often issues stemming from anger, and the anger itself, can be successfully treated and managed, through relaxation, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, assertiveness training and problem-solving therapy.  Clients have reported feeling much better, having lower blood pressure, reduced outbreaks of psoriasis, improvement in arthritic conditions and reduced discomfort from pain conditions, including mystery pain.  Negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, often create physical pain from psychological pain.  Symptoms are often alleviated through CBH.

If you would like to know more about how cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy can help you improve your mood, reduce your anger, feel better physically and psychologically, reduce your blood pressure, help with psoriasis, arthritis and other pain conditions, please get in touch.  I’m here to help.

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