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Holiday Stressology

Every year you say it’ll be different.  You promise you’ll be more organised, you’ll get the dinner bought and presents sorted out in good time.  You resolve not to fight with relatives!

Even so, every year it’s the most stressful event you’ve ever endured!

Christmas is the traditional season for raised blood pressures, frayed nerves and angry outbursts!  Yet, it could all be so much more enjoyable….

“Tell me how?!” I hear you ask.

I will.

I’m offering a very special package price of £60 (2 hours for the price of 1!) .  This extra special deal includes a session of Problem-Solving Therapy and Stress Management, with a choice of either Confidence-Building, Reiki or Relaxation, to help you fight off the Christmas blues!  Make your Christmas wish come true and sail through the day, having fun for once!

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