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Letters & Reviews

  • I’ve been using Alyson’s CD’s for around 8 months now. I’ve got pretty serious health problems and was feeling out of control and not able to make decisions or even actively help myself as my confidence was so low. Alyson has been such a help on a personal level too as she has responded to every message, helping me explore how I feel, why I feel it and most importantly how I can effectively change or manage situations. I have got through three procedures now which normally have a general anesthetic with breathing, relaxing and minimum pain relief. I am currently getting through chemo, again using her techniques. I don’t actually know how I did things before!
  • Just before Christmas 2012 I asked Alyson if she would fit me in for a hypnosis session.  I had a concert that night in which I was singing with the choir and I was doing a solo slot.  I often found that when doing solo slots I got very nervous, hands shake, voice shake, very tense, so I thought a session with Alyson on the morning of the show might help.  It helped more than I could ever have hoped for.  I felt nervous as usual before going up on stage, however once up there I relaxed and gave one of my best performances yet.  Feedback afterwards from my vocal coach was also very positive, he said I looked very relaxed and as though I was enjoying myself, also the singing was very good.  I would recommend a session, more than one session, however many it takes with Alyson to help resolve any confidence problems, anxiousness or nervousness.  It certainly helped me and I am booking another session before my next performance.  There is nothing like a little re-enforcement.
  • Thanks again for visiting our school on Friday. Your session was just what we needed after our hectic health week. I would recommend to all stressed out teachers! We look forward to your relaxation CDs.
  • “I’m a man in my 40s, and a full-blown arachnophobe for as long as I can remember. I was in a bad way. The mere sight of a spider had me scrambling from the room wondering how on earth I was going to deal with it. I was always on the look-out for them around the house: in the bath, corners of rooms, ceilings. I couldn’t put the light out to go to sleep at night without checking the room was spider-free, but after one – yeah, just ONE – session of hypnotherapy with Alyson, within a couple of hours I was holding a real live tarantula in my bare hands! Needless to say spiders hold little horror for me now. I found one this morning and was able to trap it, let it crawl on my hand and then I put it out the window. No anxiety, no drama. Alyson – you’re a wonder! This has changed my life in a big way, and I can’t thank you enough.” (See Gallery for photos of Jim and I with Pepper the Tarantula and Wally the Python!).
  • “Due to a problematic childhood I had never had much confidence in my abilities. Even after successfully completing two degrees I was still under the impression that there was nowhere for me to go.  Since attending hypnotherapy at Achilles Healing I have discovered the confidence I was lacking. The one to one sessions that I have had have been amazing. Alyson is attentive and intuitive. She easily brings to the surface the problems you have and enables you to accept what the problem is and that it can be solved.”
  • “I now see myself and others in a more positive light; I am much happier and more relaxed. My pain levels from life-long arthritis are greatly reduced, and my psoriasis has improved enormously.”
  • “After just a few sessions I have now written one short film and started writing a second. I have plans to complete filming of both films by the end of this summer. I have also started to write a novel, something that I have said for a long time I would do but never had the confidence in myself to start!”

  • “If you have any problems that you would like to resolve, to lead a more productive and happy life, speak to Alyson at Achilles Healing and start to live the life you always thought was not possible. I have!”

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