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Scared of Hypnosis?

Are you wary of hypnosis?  Many people are, which is a real shame because they are stopping themselves from receiving the very treatment that would help with their problem and greatly benefit them.  People have actually said to me: “I’d come and see you, but I’m too scared.  I don’t like the thought of being out of control.”  This is a really popular misconception, fuelled by current modern stage hypnosis tricks. Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis.

Right from the start it’s important you realise that you are in the driving seat.  You are in complete control of what you do and don’t do, what you think and don’t think.  I am quite simply the teacher, responsible for explaining to you how to achieve feelings of calmness and relaxation (or assertiveness and motivation).  The stuff you see in stage hypnosis is a trick.  It’s not like that in hypnotherapy.  You cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do.  Quite the opposite.  Hypnotherapy is about empowerment!  

I usually begin by teaching you some relaxation techniques to get you started.  Regardless of your current suitability for hypnosis, you will more than likely be suitable for relaxation.  After that you will realise that hypnosis is not something to be frightened of and, depending on what you require, we can move on to your more specific needs.  These may involve more relaxation as well as cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, in order to rationalise your current thinking or come up with solutions to current problems you are having.  I can even help you with your irrational fear of hypnotherapy!

Read more about cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy by clicking here.


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