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Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain ~ Mark Twain

“Can’t believe what an immediate turn around it was…just a couple of hours earlier I’d never even have been in the same room as a tarantula never mind let it walk on me!”

Jim, ex-arachnophobe, with Pepper the Tarantula at Amazonia. Incidentally, Jim was no longer hypnotised at this point. He did that all by himself!  (Right, me with Wally the King Python – but he was just a cuddly baby really!)

I’d never ask you to do anything I wasn’t prepared to do myself!  Here I am with Pepper.  She was delightful!

2 comments on “Gallery

  1. thurzie oneill
    April 22, 2012

    Yrs agoo i used ta live in zimbabwe,b4 i went there i hated any bug that flew or moved,including spiders.
    so one morning i had a fright,a huge big brown hairy spider was just in the courner of my window,which i woke up too cos the head of my bed was at the window!!.
    but oddly enough i just dident panick and got someone to move it instead,i think a few years out there changed my attatude on bugd!!

  2. achilleshealing
    April 22, 2012

    Well, yes, I guess you would have to change your attitude about them if they were all around you! LOL. No escape! That’s one of the important things about fear. It won’t go away, if you run away! It will always be with you, until you turn round, face it and deal with it. Well done!


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