Achilles Healing Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Glasgow


Mon 15th 6-7pm & Tuesday 16th November 12-1pm 2010


Sometimes life is just too stressful to stop and smell the roses…  Our modern way of living, without taking the time or effort to enjoy our surroundings, has caused us to forget about many of the good things in life.  In fact, we’re so busy being anxious and stressed that we don’t realise there is a different, more appealing, way to see the world.

This week we will be discussing, and practising, awareness.  I will talk you through some contrasting experiences in order to heighten your senses to the differences in which you may perceive the world.  By doing so, you will begin to recognise what is missing & what you need to do in order to feel better and more positive.

This isn’t necessarily aimed at people who have a particular cause to feel stressed.  Many people don’t know why they have a tendency walk around with a frown.  They just know that something is missing in their life.  By becoming aware of the world you live in, you will begin to realise that everything you do has an effect, both positive and negative, on your state of mind.

By becoming self-aware we can have a better relationship with the food that nourishes us, family & friends, ourselves and the world around us.  We can learn to distinguish between thoughts and facts, realising that our way of thinking could be false, irrational and working against us.

If you would like to experience the world from a different, better, perspective then the Mindfulness workshop is definitely for you.

£10 per person.  Spaces are limited so please book in advance.



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