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Coping with Illness and Pain

“Coping with Illness and Pain” Workshop –  Monday 22nd 6-7pm and Tuesday 23rd 12-1pm

In the days of ‘mesmerism’ (before the term ‘hypnotism’ was coined), hypnosis was already being used for anaesthesia!  In fact, the mesmerists would simply put the patient into a deep trance and omit further suggestions.

When people are anxious, stressed or depressed they may be more sensitive to feeling pain.  When we are distracted from pain, our pain threshold changes, which proves that we do have the ability to control and manage it.  In hypnotherapy, pain relief can be achieved in a number of ways which will be demonstrated at this workshop.

Consistent and on-going illness often gets people depressed, stressed and anxious.  On top of illness, these are emotions that we can well do without.  As well as feeling mentally worse, it is likely that the person will also feel physically worse. They may dwell on certain body sensations and start to suffer from hypochondria.  They may tense up the area of the body that is affected, or other areas, thereby causing even more pain.

It may be that the illness is long-term, even incurable.  Of course this will lead to feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety.  However, it is up to you how to cope and deal with your illness.  Hypnotherapy is invaluable in the many ways it can make us feel more accepting and positive when we are faced with difficult and life-threatening diseases.  In fact, this positive attitude can determine whether the rest of our life has quality or not.

One of the worst things, in my humble opinion, that a doctor can do is to give a time limit to a patient.  By doing so, the person inevitably begins the “Countdown to Death”.   We are so much more in control of our destiny than we realise. The mind is a very powerful tool, and can be put to exceptional use, during times of mental and physical crisis.

If you are suffering from illness or pain, come along to the workshop.  Experience the powers of mind over matter for yourself.

Please contact me to book your place: or phone/text 07852 575 184


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